Bee and
Wasp Nest Removal

in Southwest PA Counties

Remove Bees from Your Home from Safeway Pest Control in Uniontown

Since 1993, the professional team at Safeway Pest Control has assisted homeowners in the Uniontown area with removal of bees. Particularly in the spring and summer, bees can congregate and invite themselves into any food or drink homeowners attempt to enjoy. When bees build nests, they can cause chaos for anybody around your property, and it is important to remove them humanely, yet promptly. From ruining family meals to experience stings, having a bee infestation can pose many issues, including to those with bee allergies. Allow us to remove these bees quickly and at affordable prices. Give our team a call today at 

(724) 323-4717 to secure a free estimate on bee removal in the Uniontown, PA, area.


Wasp Nest Removal for Homes in Southwest Pennsylvania Areas

Much like bees, wasps can terrorize homes and businesses in Southwest PA, and strike fear into anyone who inhabits the property. What can make wasps more difficult to deal with than bees is that they have the ability to sting multiple times, which is cause for alarm, especially with children. When wasps begin to infiltrate your home, count on the experts at Safeway Pest Control to get rid of the nests. We commit ourselves to addressing and remedying the issue as quickly as possible and doing it at the best rate in the area. Give us a call to learn about the options for eliminating wasps nests today.

Call About Bee & Wasp Nest Removal in the Uniontown Area

Located in Uniontown, PA, Safeway Pest Control serves homes and businesses within a 50 mile radius. This means that we can provide bee and wasp nest removal for properties in areas like Connellsville, Waynesburg, Washington, Belle Vernon, and Mt. Pleasant. We take great pride in the work we do to protect our clients from unwanted stinging insects. Give our staff a call any day of the week and allow us to take care of any pest control issues you have.