Bee and Wasp Removal in Brownsville, PA,
and the Surrounding Areas

Trust Safeway Pest Control for Effective Bee Removal

For effective bee and wasp removal in Brownsville, PA, and the surrounding areas, call Safeway Pest Control. Bee infestations are frustrating, but can be much more dangerous for those with allergies. Bees can form hives near doorways, windows, swimming pools, and other areas with foot traffic. Our exterminators can assess the hive and determine the best way for removal. Some bees are very important to our environment. We work to safely remove these bees with little disturbance to them and to your property. Call today at (724) 323-4717 for a free estimate or to schedule service. We are available for emergencies, too.

Wasps Are No Joke – Trust Our Expert Exterminators Near Brownsville

Though many clump them together, wasps are different than bees. Bees usually have fuzzy bodies and die after one sting. Wasps have smooth, shiny bodies and can sting multiple times. This can be deadly for those with allergies, and can cause pain for others. If you notice wasp nests around your home or business in Brownsville, PA, make a call to Safeway Pest Control. Wasp nests are usually large, gray circles or ovals in hidden spaces. They are commonly found in door jams, rafters, sheds, and garages.


Contact Safeway Pest Control for Bee and Wasp Removal

Trying to perform bee and wasp removal on your own can be a dangerous task. Bees and wasps are territorial and will protect their homes at all costs. If they feel threatened, they will attack. Instead of attempting bee and wasp removal on your own, contact Safeway Pest Control. Our team has many years of experience to safely remove bees, wasps, and other insects and animals, including termites. So if there are fleas or bed bugs pests, speak with our exterminators today to learn more.

Choose Safeway Pest Control for expert bee and wasp removal in Brownsville, PA.