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When homeowners or business are looking for extermination in California, PA, they call on Safeway Pest Control. Our exterminator communicates with clients about our services and addresses any concerns they may have. Our clients love our professional and friendly service in Southwestern PA. Our pet-friendly and kid-safe chemicals do not harm the environment. We exterminate fleas, bed bugs, ants, flies, spiders, cockroaches, stink bugs, termites, and more.

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We Exterminate These Pests in California, PA, and Beyond


We Can Get Rid of All Species of Ants

Safeway Pest Control performs extermination of all types of ants, including carpenter ants, acrobat ants, and pavement ants. There are many different species of ants. Some ants march to your kitchen or pantry because they are attracted to sweet or greasy food. Carpenter ants can destroy porches, sheds, and any other wooden structure. Homeowners and business owners will start seeing ants as the temperature warms up in the spring. Ants can enter through tiny cracks, under doors and on clothes.

Eliminating Spiders in Your Home or Business

Spiders can scare the bravest of people when they see them crawling on walls, furniture, the floor, or in the bathtub. Nobody wants to see them in their home or business. When you start seeing the sudden or gradual development of cobwebs, it is a sign there is a spider infestation. Safeway Pest Control’s technicians will inspect your home or business for spiders and communicate with you about what we have found. We then begin the process of exterminating the spiders.

First Treatment Will Wipe Out Most of the Fleas

When Safeway Pest Control performs flea treatments, it usually results in an immediate decrease in adult fleas in the home. We might have to do further treatments because it is common to see more fleas within a week to two after the service. Our treatment might not have exterminated the fleas that were in larval stages of development the first time. They should die within a few hours of contact with residual contact. We can offer you tips on flea prevention, including daily vacuuming.

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