Animal Trapping in Mount Pleasant, PA,
and Surrounding Areas

Safeway Pest Control Has You Covered With Live Animal Trapping

When you need animal trapping in Mount Pleasant, PA, and surrounding areas, choose Safeway Pest Control. If animals are posing a threat to your home or business, you need to address the issue. Safeway Pest Control is the state’s premier live animal trapping agency and works diligently to remove these creatures. From raccoons to squirrels and other small creatures, our staff will thoroughly investigate your issue and not leave until you are satisfied. If you need live animal trapping or any of our services, call us at (724) 323-4717. Our staff is always available for emergency services.

Ask About Racoon Removal for Your Mount Pleasant, PA, Property

The potent smell reaches your nose before you even open the door. As you step in, the frustrating sight spreads out in front of you. Some animal has knocked over your garbage can and torn open every bag. You look around and notice that there is a raccoon in your garage. Let Safeway Pest Control fix your frustration by handling raccoon removal at your Mount Pleasant, PA, home. Our staff understands the most successful methods to evict that impish interloper from your attic, garage, or yard.


Squirrels Can Do Major Damage In Your Home or Business

A squirrel possesses strong, sharp teeth for eating nuts and chewing a path to your attic. It only takes an inch-wide hole to make way for a squirrel in search of a new address. Once inside, squirrels can chew on PVC pipes and electrical wiring to strengthen their teeth and control their growth. Squirrels also carry some diseases and bring pests such as ticks and mice inside your home. If you have unwanted squirrels in your attic, garage, or elsewhere, make Safeway Pest Control your first call. Our team uses effective techniques and products to remove these critters from homes and businesses.

Small Creatures Do Not Stand A Chance Against Safeway Pest Control

In addition to raccoons and squirrels, we also handle control situations for all wildlife, such as bats and snakes. Safeway Pest Control is also your team of trusted insect control experts in Mount Pleasant, PA. Our team will expertly rid your house, garage, office, or place of business of bees, wasps, ants, bed bugs, and fleas. Ask any of our past customers, and they will tell you that no pest stands a chance against our team.

Our Customers Trust Us For All their Pest Problems

Our staff at Safeway Pest Control brings a wide range of experience to the office daily. We continue to enhance our skill set every day to serve our clientele better. Call our office today if you need help with the following:

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