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Count on Safeway Pest Control for Comprehensive Extermination

When homeowners or business owners need an exterminator in Belle Vernon, PA, they count on Safeway Pest Control. Our clients love our professional and friendly service. Our exterminator communicates with them about our services and addresses any concerns they may have. We use pet-friendly and kid-safe chemicals, offer inspections, and explain the extermination process. We exterminate fleas, bed bugs, carpenter ants, stink bugs, roaches, and more.

For an exterminator in Belle Vernon, PA, or the surrounding areas, call us at (724) 323-4717. We will be happy to talk to you and inspect the problem.

Our Exterminator Kills These Pests


We Exterminate Devouring Carpenter Ants in Belle Vernon, PA

Safeway Pest Control exterminates throngs of carpenter ants throughout the warm-weather months in Belle Vernon and surrounding areas. Carpenter ants range in size from 0.3 inches to an inch and can cause damage to wooden buildings and structures. They live in trees, stumps and logs, and they chew into the wood to form their nests. Homeowners can also sometimes hear a rustling sound as the carpenter ants devour the wood. The exterminator at Safeway Pest Control gets rid of the colonies and offer solutions to preventing more carpenter ants from appearing.

Contact Our Exterminator Right Away to Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are notorious for slipping into hotels, motels, apartments, dorm rooms, and homes on pets or their owner’s clothes. Bed bug infestations can be hard to eradicate if professional bed bug experts like Safeway Pest Control are not used. Signs of the existence of bed bugs include rusty stains on linen and mattresses and an odor of over-ripened fruit. Once you think your business, dorm, or home has bed bugs, you need to take action right away. Our Belle Vernon, PA, exterminator will come to your home or business and inspect the affected rooms. We will develop a plan to eradicate the bed bugs.

We Get Rid of the Fleas in Your Home or Business

If you are experiencing problems with fleas within your home, Safeway Pest Control can remedy the problem. Fleas are tiny and dark-colored, but they can create huge problems for your dog, cat, and even you. Fleas feed on their host’s blood. While the bites are typically not painful, they can become increasingly inflamed and itchy. Fleas lay eggs on dogs or cats. They can distribute the eggs throughout the home as the pet scratches to relieve the itching. Our treatments effectively combat your flea problem.

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