Termite Exterminator
in Monongahela, PA

Call Safeway Pest Control to Get Rid of Destructive Termites

When you need a termite exterminator in Monongahela, PA, or surrounding areas, Safeway Pest Control should be your first call. Termites are one of the most destructive pests in Southwestern Pennsylvania. We have seen the extensive damage these troublemakers can unleash on wooden structures of a home or business. When you call our termite exterminator about termites, we will come to your home or business and inspect the damage. We then develop a plan to eliminate the termites and prevent any further infestation. We may use a combination of termite control treatments depending on your situation.

To learn more about termite control in the Monongahela, PA, area, talk to our termite exterminator. Call us at (724) 323-4717 for more information about our termite treatments. We provide termite inspections for real estate purchases.

You Need Our Experienced Termite Exterminator in Monongahela

Termites are sneaky creatures. They live underground, travel through mud tubes and consume wood from the inside, which makes them hard to detect. You will need a proven termite exterminator to detect and perform termite control in your home or business. Safeway Pest Control has an experienced termite exterminator. Termites will devour all wood in their way, including porch steps, railings, roofing, shed floors, and exterior and interior walls. Homeowners or business owners might not know they have termites until it is too late and the damage is irreparable. Safeway Pest Control works throughout Monongahela, PA, to remove these destructive pests.


Watch For the Signs of a Termite Infestation

If you see what looks like flying ants around your home or business, you could be seeing a termite swarm. Termites are looking for a new place to satisfy their hunger for wood. Termites discard their wings after mating, so if you see a pile of wings, there is a good chance you have termites. Some people attempt to kill termites with bait stations, but they simply do not work. Rely on the termite exterminator at Safeway Pest Control to get these nuisances out or your life with our termite control.

We Provide Tips to Prevent Termites from Showing Up

At Safeway Pest Control, our termite exterminator gives tips to clients on how to keep termites away from their property. We suggest keeping wood piles and other wood debris away from your home. Termites are attracted to moisture, so make sure your gutters are do not leak and your soil drains well. We can give you more tips so you will not have to deal with termites again.

Looking for termite control? Contact our termite exterminator in Monongahela, PA.