Bee and Wasp Removal
for Mount Pleasant, PA

Safeway Pest Control

Our Exterminators Can Remove Bees and Wasps from Your Property

Are you looking for bee and wasp removal for Mount Pleasant, PA? If so, call Safeway Pest Control’s team of experienced exterminators. Bees defend their nests aggressively and do not sting those who come into contact with them unless they are threatened. Wasps are some of the most aggressive bee-like insects. If your property needs bee and wasp removal, trust Safeway Pest Control to handle the situation. Call our office at (724) 323-4717 to book an appointment.

Rid Your Mount Pleasant, PA, Home of Bees

Bees are essential to the environment because they pollinate crops and plants. These insects feed their young during the winter by producing honey from the plants they pollinate. While helping the environment, bees can also pose a threat to people. They will sting when threatened, so it is best to wait for an expert pest control professional to remove the nest. Those with allergies must be cautious when around a bee hive. Trust the professionals at Safeway Pest Control to safely remove bees from your Mount Pleasant, PA, property.


Safeway Pest Control: Wasp Exterminators You Can Trust

Wasps are some of the most belligerent bee-like insects. When you have a colony of wasps living on your property, you want them taken care of as soon as possible. As the area’s trusted pest control company, our exterminators have the tools and knowledge to defend your home from wasps. Throughout Mount Pleasant, PA, residents trust us to rid the property of insects that pose a threat to their families, pets, and visitors.

We Provide Several Other Services to Remove Insects and Other Pests

Here at Safeway Pest Control, our experienced staff brings extensive experience to the office every day. Since our inception, we have seen a lot, and we have developed even more skills throughout the years. We take great pride in earning our customer’s trust through our versatility. Call our office today if you need the following:

Call Safeway Pest Control when you need bee and wasp removal for Mount Pleasant, PA.