Termite Extermination
for Mount Pleasant, PA

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Take Back Your Mount Pleasant, PA, Home from Termites

Find termite extermination for Mount Pleasant, PA, at Safeway Pest Control. Termites destroy homes by eating wooden beams that support the structure. Termites are also known to destroy cabinetry, plants, and other essential aspects of homes. If you are undergoing a termite infestation, call Safeway Pest Control at (724) 323-4717. We will inspect your home and provide top-notch termite extermination services to prevent further damage.

Call Safeway Pest Control As Soon As You Notice Signs of Termites

There are some signs to watch out for with termites infesting your property. If you see a swarm of small, winged insects near your home, they might be termites. Some signs of termites include cracked or bubbling paint, droppings, hollow-sounding wood when tapped, mud tubes, and discarded wings. Safeway Pest Control offers thorough termite control services for every part of your home to identify an infestation.


Termite Control Stops The Feast On Your Home or Business

When you see a termite in your home or business, call our professionals for termite control before they cause more damage. Safeway Pest Control will inspect your property to identify the location of the termites and assess the damage caused. Once we locate the termites, the next step is to exterminate them completely. Our team uses the most trusted and effective extermination methods to remove termites for good. The techniques we use are deadly for termites but safe for your household or business.

Here Are Some Common DIY Termite Control Tips

Safeway Pest Control near Mount Pleasant, PA, has some recommendations for keeping termites out of our home or business:

  • Eliminate moisture and repair leaks
  • Keep gutters and downspouts clean
  • Keep outside vents and screens clean
  • Keep pipes, wires, and utility lines sealed
  • Keep soil, mulch, and plants away from the structure of a building
  • Keep water away from foundations
  • Keep wood, lumber, paper, and stumps away from your property.
  • Regularly inspect wood structures for damage
  • Remove standing water

Safeway Pest Control Provides Various Pest Control Services to Customers

The team of exterminators at Safeway Pest Control provides the best pest control services in the area. We constantly evolve our skillset in order to serve our loyal customers better. Our versatility has made us Mount Pleasant, PA’s first choice when it comes to pest control. Give us a call today for assistance with:

Call Safeway Pest Control when you need termite extermination for Mount Pleasant, PA.